thc bomb

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Type: Indica/Sativa (65/35)
THC: 25%
CBD: 10%
CBN 10%

A modern classic, it takes its name from the plants extremely high THC potency. When smoked it gives an immediate heavy hit and body stone which is likely to send you straight to the sofa. However, its Sativa content also makes this an intellectually stimulating high. It has a potent skunk smell and the flavor has earthy undertones mixed with ripe fruit notes.

Medical uses includes alleviation of insomnia and stress with a good appetite stimulation. It is also a good strain for chronic pain relief.
THC Bomb was developed by the Bomb Seed Company in the Netherlands.  It was made to be grown both indoors as well as outside. The plants are shorter but very hearty and should mature in about 9 weeks while producing large yields. The flowers will be large with lots of bright orange hairs.