Sometimes people don't want to start from square one with a clone. It's much easier to get an already growing plant. We put our teens in one gallon pots with soil. We are willing to go the extra mile for you if you let us know beforehand where this teen is going. Is it heading indoors or out? We will "harden" this teen for outdoor conditions so it won't go out in the hot sun after being indoors under a fluorescent light fixture and start its new life under a high stress conditions.

Your teen will start its life under hopefully the same conditions as you will be putting her into at your own home. This plant will also be about a foot tall with already a couple "FIMs" which is a type of pruning so that your plant will grow up bushy instead of tall and scrawny.

We want your teen to grow into a bushy adult female to supply you with plenty of medicine to help your future go a little smoother.