Potassium Deficiency

Potassium DeficiencyPotassium Deficiency

And now onto the third big number on every bag of fertilizer it's the macro element Potassium(K). Also a mobile element it plays a big role in your gardens quantity and quality. It provides the transportation of water and thickens your plants stems. It also plays a primary role in helping your plant build its resistance to certain diseases, water respiration, and conducting photosynthesis.

Not having enough Potassium(K) can slow down the growth of your plants. Plants can really stretch and the branches become broken and weak. Kind of looks like an iron deficiency except just the tips of the leaves curl and the edges burn and die. The older fan leaves can show dead patches (necrosis) on the edges and eventually die. To little Potassium(K) during the flowering phase can slow bud production down to nearly a halt. When your RH (relative humidity) is to low you can almost guarantee a Potassium(K) deficiency due to your plants excess perspiration. Too much salt in your growing medium can also cause poor absorbtion of Potassium(K) as well.

Potassium(K) can be locked out of soil growing at PH levels of 5.5 and lower as well as 8.5 and above. In hydro and soilless mediums it locks out at levels of 4.5 and below and 6.5 and above.

A Potassium(K) deficiency can be taken care of easily with a tea made from wood ashes, kelp meal, greensand, or granite dust. Damaged leaves will never recover but the plant will and in about a week you will see your plants overall picture snap out of it and get back with the program again.

Now it's that time for our resident to San Luis Obispo County growroom supply companies to chime in and tell us what we can do with products that can be picked up right at their locations.

198 South St.
San Luis Obispo
(805) 596-0430

At Healthy Harvest in San Luis Obispo Grady loves to use Langbeinite for his Potassium(K) deficiencies. This is a natural and organic mineral that is mined out of New Mexico with an NPK of 0-0-22. It also contains Magnesium(Mg) and Sulpher(S) which you must remember so you don't overdo this other elements as well. He also recommends for his hydro growers Dutch Master Bloom Booster. to keep the Potassium deficiency blues away.

Dutch Master Bloom Booster

3850 Ramada Drive
Paso Robles
(805) 434-2333

Last but not least today we have Nick (Garden All Year) selling products to grow Marijuana up in Paso Robles and Templeton. He tells us that he likes the langbeinite as well and thats a fantastic product for helping with Potassium deficiencies. He also like to add rock phosphate into the soil or as a tea. You know us here at AuNaturel we love the teas so if we happen to go overboard with something it is easy to simply flush the soil and try again with a weaker dose.

I guess thats it for growing Marijuana, Ganja, Weed, Pot, and all your other Cannabis based products right here in the Paso Robles North County area. May all your plants be big and stoney and I hope you never suffer from a Potassium(K) deficiency and need this information.