Maybe you are wanting to start producing your own medicine on an ongoing basis. You will need to start growing from seed until your plant is in vegetive growth. Then you can pull a clone and just flower that clone to see if the original plant is male or female. Now that you have accomplished that you can keep the original in veg for a couple more months. After all that time you now have a "mother" to start cutting lots of babies off of it for all your future clones in your garden.

Four, five, or even six months have gone by. A lot of time and effort has been spent on getting to this point. It will feel good now that you can start producing and growing your garden. Yes you can do this, or you can simply get a mother from and start your garden right from day one. Right from the very beginning you can start producing your own babies in your garden to keep a steady supply of medicine for any problem you might have. Either way you decide to go we wish you the best and hopefully have a very successfull garden.
















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