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Type: Indica/Sativa (70/30)
THC: 21%
CBD: .1%
CBN: .2%


Jillybean is described as being an upbeat and happy hybrid, with flavors of tangy orange and mango. This strain is a top choice for creative minds and social butterflies looking for unencumbered euphoria during daytime hours. Bred by crossing Orange Velvet and Space Queen, Jillybean often expresses herself in deep hues of maroon on the leaves. It’s been said it taste so much like Dreamcicles you will not believe it!

Medical: Its mood-elevating and energizing effects are helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. This strain can ease minor aches and pains, but not severe pain. Some patients also use it to relieve migraines or insomnia. Initially, users feel a pleasant rush of euphoria that fills them with energy and lifts their moods. This is accompanied by a very mild, soothing body high. The strain's potent cerebral effects from its Sativa lineage can stimulate giddiness and giggles, especially in less experienced users. More experienced users may find the strain boosts creativity and the desire to socialize.

Jilly Bean is easy to grow both indoors and out. When grown outside, this strain does best in dry, warm climates, where frost or rains don’t occur until after mid-September. Indoors, Jilly Bean adapts to either soil or hydro, and can be grown as a single-cola plant in SOG. Jilly Bean has a light to average nutrient requirement. This strain is adaptable to higher grow room temperatures, but for maximum yields, the temperature should stay below 85 degrees F when the lights are on.