Getting Started Growing

Seeds or Clones?

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself the big question, "How big a grow do I plan on having?" If you want to do a few plants in California our normal license has a 6 plant limit. In this case all you need to do is go out and get a half dozen clones and BAM!, you're set up. You can pick up these 6 clones at a very reasonable price, enough to make the savings well worth it instead of going out to buy your own medicine.

Seeds should be picked up by the more aggresive and adventurous grower. With seeds it takes much longer to get the ball rolling. With seeds you don't know if the plants are male or female. Seeds take longer to germinate, more labor and more money. Advantages to seeds are seed banks seem to be much more reliable as to lineage and genetics than some of the clone shops I have purchased from. Many disadvantages of seeds except one, you can grow these plants into mothers which keep giving you thousands of clones over the years. Clones which you already know are female and can get into the "Veg" racks and getting ready to grow their dank buds that much quicker. Clones can have problems as well from the last grower. They could bring many diseases and pest into your garden such as powdery mildew, root rot, and spider mites.

So in answer to your question you can see there are pros and cons to each. If your growing for yourself get the clones, if your growing with a collective then get the seeds and put together some strong mother plants which can keep supplying you and the other patients with "the kind medicine" over and over again.


Backroom Cloning Operation

Cloning for a large grow
This cloning operation was set up by a very experienced grower who goes by Medicropper. It isn't his own operation but rather a friend asked him to come and and get the ball rolling. He uses aeroponic cloning machines and then transfers to soil in solo cups. His nursery also contains the early veg plants in one gallon pots with soil as well. Very good garden which contains multiple strains and he handles it all very well. He basis his entire start here on about two dozen mother plants which he also shows in his room too.

Commercial Cloning Setup

Commercial Cloning Setup
SubLBC is another grower who documents his grows on youtube. The main core of his business is supplying clones. He does have his own grows but the bulk of his time and energy is running probably the best cloning operation around. I like this video because it really shows us that we are doing things right at GroSlo. The rack system in conjunction with mother plants is the exact setup that we use. We are just on a smaller scale than SubLBC. Our hats off to the king of the cloners. This is a video for any descent sized collective to watch and model their system after.

Commercial Cloning Operation Pt. 1

Working with marijuana mother plants in Paso Robles.
SubLBC again and his cloning operation. He explains the great care he takes of his mother marijuana plants and their vital importance in his cloning operations.

Commercial Cloning Operation Pt. 2

Commercial Marijuana cloning on the central coast
SubLBC takes his commercial cloning video to its second part which gets into the meat of the rack system. He is the top in his field of running a nursery. The rack system can produce more plants per square foot than any other system I have ever seen. SubLBC is the king of the cloners. Remember that a good collective operation depends on the foundation of clones produced by your nursery.

How to Maintain Clones for Fast Roots

Maintaining Clones for Fast Roots
The grow420 guy is talking cloning. This video shows the cloning stage of the plants three weeks into it. Roots are showing but they haven't been transplanted into larger containers yet. Rather than showing the actual cloning process this shows cloning maintenance. A great video for that.