Nursery Tips

What Goes on in the Nursery

Setting up your nursery is a very important and most often neglected part of your marijuana garden. The nursery is the very beginning of your entire grow operation. The genesis so to speak whether you are growing for yourself or are running a large collective it all starts here.

If you are doing just a few plants you can remember a couple simple things. First your nursery doesn't require much light and it also doesn't require much space, that's both vertically and horizontally. This concept is why if you are just doing a few clones you can throw them in the closet with a CFL bulb and be done. If you are operating a collective and have many more plants you can go to a rack system such as how we do it.



Dealing with heat in the Nursery

Dealing with heat in the marijuana grow room nursery
SubLBC again with his nursery. This is where he keeps his rooted clones and early veg plants. The video is about how he deals with a heatwave in his area. The central coast here in California can get really hot in the summer especially in the north county like Paso Robles and Atascadero. Great video to watch for us locals.

Cloning Cannabis for Indoor Growing Part 1

Cloning pot for Indoor Growing Part 1
The nursery at THC Labs is profiled in this video. The narrator starts the clones already in their hooded dome trays. He then works on maintenance of the clones themselves before he moves on to starting the transplant into the pots to begin the veg cycle.

Cloning Cannabis for Indoor Growing Part 2

Cloning your weed for indoor growing part 2
Back at THC Labs while they are doing the transplant of small pots into bigger pots. The narrator is also working with their mother plants getting them ready to cut clones for the next batch of baby girls.

Nursing Marijuana Seedling

Marijuna Nursing
This video deals with taking cannabis seeds which have sprouted and putting them in solo cups to start their vegetive growth cycle. Looks to be sound advice.

Cloning with Harley Smith

Marijuna Cloning
Harley Smith talk on Cloning.