Indoors or Outdoors?

What is best for me and my plants?

The first question of many that you have to ask is where you have room for it. Do you have a spare bedroom? How about an attic or basement? If you want to grow outdoors do you have a backyard that is secure enough to keep possible thieves out? Will the smell have the neighbors calling the police? The questions that need to be answered keep coming. Let's examine some of the pros and cons of each style of grow.

Indoors happens to be our favorite choice because the quality of your buds can be much better.

Growing Indoors vs Outdoors

Growing Marijuana Indoors vs Outdoors
This video is by High Times magazines Jorge Cervantes. He has been working for the monthly journal for almost 30 years and is still going strong. He is a consistant contributor and has also written many books. Jorge shows you some of the differences between growing outdoors and indoors. He covers growing with all organic methods. He starts from square one with building your own custom soil to beginning your cannabis grow. Also covered is dealing with your pets with an indoor grow room. Jorge has been a consistent source of advice for many years. Watch this video and get to know his laid back teaching style and I'm sure you will want to move on to many of his other videos.
















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