Flowering Pointers

The Best Part!

We all want big giant buds in our weed garden, right? I mean that is the whole point of this. There are lots of little tricks that the veteran marijuana farmer uses to help out with his plants and we're gonna cover some of these here today.

You have to remember that plants that are in the bud or flowering phase like different things than the plants in the vegetive growth stage. Plants in veg like nitrogen for lush green growth in their leaves. Plants that are flowering like phosphorous and potassium to develop heavy buds and the stalks to support them. That is just one difference and you will find there are more with a little research. Just remember in the cannabis plants natural environment the summers are hot with long days and short nights. As we progress into fall and the beginning of winter the days become shorter and the nights become colder. The plant senses this and tapping into its will to go on and propogate more future plants it goes into this "flowering mode".

Temperature and humidity must be kept in check in the flowering phase of the marijuana plant. We like to keep the majority of our strains at about 75 degrees through flowering with the humidity coming in at about 40%. The lower humidity keeps mold from growing on your buds.

Cannabis Flowering

Light cycles for flowering Cannabis
This video deals with putting your plants into the flowering mode by using the photoperiod or light cycle. Your marijuana plant looks for 12 of darkness or more to trigger it into its flowering or bud phase.

Old West Genetics

Flowering your weed in the grow room.
This grower has his flower room set up in a SCROG format. This gives the tops of his plants a stronger and more equal light without burning. It really helps him with his overall yield. He also uses both HID lights as well as LED. Check it out.