Harvesting Drying and Curing

The Most Important Part

Well, your weed is all grown but the work still isn't done.

How to properly dry cannabis for sucessful curing

Dry and Cure Cannabis
So now that you have chopped your plants down it's time to dry and cure your plants. This is a very important part of growing and you should not be looking for the quick and easy way out. This is part of the whole process and should not be overlooked. After drying they skip the details of trimming the individual buds and goes straight to the curing stage. Curing takes place in jars by this narrator which is how we cure at AuNaturelmeds and we always recommend this.

Curing Cannabis From BC

Curing Cannabis tips
This video goes into the curing method rather than more on the drying like the other video did. We use glass jars for curing but this narrator is doing a little sales presentation of their product, the c vault. Even if you don't purchase their containers they do talk a lot about things that can apply to anybody. Gone over is humidity, temperatures, not drying too fast or too slow, preventing mold, etc., etc. Buy their product if you want, who cares. What you do need to listen to is their information. It is a very good video for that. Hope you like it as well.