Over Fertilization

Over FertilizationOver Fertilization

Over fertilization can be just as bad if not worse than not enough fertilizer. Fertilizers we add whether organic or chemical are very much needed by all plants and can do a great job of promoting growth and bud production. We always must remember that it can be like walking a fine tight rope and we have to balance between too much and not enough.

If this does happen to you it can be rectified by flushing 3 times the amount of water through your soil. This takes your plant back to square one and hopefully you can now start it off with a not so over-zealous nutrient feeding program.

There are commercial flushing agents you can buy to help out with this task. It can make things easier and even make it where you don't need nearly so much water to accomplish the same task. As usual these flushes are available at our local grow shops. So let's head down Highway 101 through San Luis Obispo County and talk to our experts who got their jobs because they really know what's going on in the world of growing medical marijuana on the central coast.

Garden All Year Hydroponics

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Healthy Harvest Hydroponics

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