Cheapskates PH adjusting

How we raise and lower PH levels on a budget

One of the most important tasks which we have to take care of with our plants is PH'ing the water and soil levels of our favorite weeds. You already know from our page on nutrient deficiencies how important the PH is to our plants growth and flowering. Now we just need to learn how to get it there.

The easiest way to make this happen is to visit your friendly neighborhood grow store. You already know that there are several here on the central coast which all sell PH up and PH down. After purchasing your bottle you can take it home and quickly get your water fixed up. The water here in San Luis Obispo county tends to run a little high. That means that all you need to buy is PH down. That will get the water down to the level that is required to grow kick ass weed. If you go too far and need to go back up don't go buy PH up. Simply use more water and it will raise it back up to the PH your looking for.

What if the grow store already has enough of your money and you need to save a little here. That's easy to do because many growers use white vinegar to go down. I've even seen a bartender at the old Mr. Lee's club in Paso Robles use Roses lime juice from the bar and it did a great job of lowering PH levels down to specified amount. Just what if you have filled your bucket all the way to the top and don't have room to put in extra water if you need the levels to raise? Thats easy too, Arm & Hammer baking soda will lift your PH level right back up to where you need it.Also wood ashes will raise the PH and give your plants a good dose of Potassium(K) as well. At first you might use to much of either down or up and start feeling like your riding the PH see saw but after a few times you will get the hang of things and it will work out great for you at a fraction of the cost.