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          Welcome to GroSlo Organic Cannabis.



      We are a local company based here on the central coast of California. Everything on this site has to do with San Luis Obispo County. The owners and employees live around the county in cities like Paso Robles, Atascadero, and Grover Beach. We are the locals. We deliver and help you grow your own weed to help some of your everyday life aches and pains. There are many ways to take your medicine and we try to provide it or we will call on our neighbors till we find it for you. If you aren't local to our area feel free to browse our site and pick up some tips and tricks but as you will see the many options available to our residents will be something you will have to go out and look for.

      A great addition to our site and one that we are sure will be a hit is our forum. It is in the growth phase and will be a great part for not only new growers but patients as well. It will be monitered by our own PotDoc with the help of many expert growers which have been cultivating their own weed around this area for over 20 years. This truly has a wealth of experience to help out with the many questions many of you have about an industry which is not only legal now for medicinal but also will not even require us to see a doctor and carry cards anymore. The state of California is gearing up for the full recreational use of marijuana. It will be sold in the same stores which you now buy your beer and whiskey. I for one will be so glad to see that day come even though I never thought it would ever be in my lifetime.

      So come inside and kick back and relax. We hope you enjoy our site which not only can educate you but can also entertain. Check out our videos section which contains many movies about our fantastic herb. Movies like Pineapple Express and Up in Smoke can be just as funny as the first time you saw them. Enjoy!
















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